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"My Boy! Pro APK" is a Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator for Android devices, celebrated for its precise emulation capabilities, offering users a nostalgic gaming experience. It enables playing GBA games on modern smartphones and tablets, mirroring the original console's performance.
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20 Feb 2024
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“My Boy! Pro APK” is a Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator for Android devices, celebrated for its precise emulation capabilities, offering users a nostalgic gaming experience. It enables playing GBA games on modern smartphones and tablets, mirroring the original console’s performance.

This app is known for its remarkable compatibility with a vast library of GBA titles, ensuring a smooth gaming experience without the physical console. Features include high-speed emulation that can significantly exceed the original GBA’s speed, support for various cheat codes, and the ability to save game progress at any moment.

App also facilitates hardware controller support and link emulation for multiplayer gaming, either on the same device or through Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connections, making it versatile for all types of GBA fans. Its user interface is intuitive, allowing gamers of all ages to easily navigate and customize their gaming environment, including screen layout and control settings.

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What is MY BOY! Pro APK:

“My Boy! Pro” APK is a premium version of the popular Game Boy Advance emulator for Android devices. It allows users to play GBA games on their phones and tablets with high compatibility and smooth performance.

This app stands out for its accurate emulation, enabling features like save states, fast-forwarding gameplay, and hardware controller support. It also offers link cable emulation for multiplayer experiences. With customizable controls and screen layouts, users can tailor their gaming experience.

The Pro version, unlike the free variant, provides an ad-free experience and additional features, enhancing gameplay with better graphics and sound emulation. Designed for both casual and serious gamers, brings the rich library of GBA games to modern devices, ensuring hours of entertainment without the need for the original console.

General features:

High Compatibility:

It supports a vast library of GBA games without compromising performance or gameplay quality.

Save States:

Users can save their game progress at any point, making it easy to resume play.

Speed Control:

The app allows for speeding up or slowing down gameplay, catering to player preferences.

Link Cable Emulation:

It supports link cable emulation, enabling multiplayer games over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Customizable Controls:

The app offers customizable on-screen controls and external controller support, enhancing playability.

High-Level BIOS Emulation:

It can emulate without a BIOS file, though it allows for BIOS file usage if preferred.

PRO APK features:

High-Speed Emulation:

Optimizes performance, allowing games to run smoothly on various devices.

Superior Link Cable Support:

Enables multiplayer gaming by emulating the GBA’s link cable over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Extensive Cheat Code Support:

Allows users to apply cheat codes to enhance or modify gameplay.

Save States:

Users can save and resume their game at any point, providing flexibility in gameplay.

Advanced Settings:

Offers in-depth customization options, including video filters, BIOS emulation, and screen layout configuration.


How do I download app’s Pro APK?

You can download it from various online sources, including the official website and our APK download site.

Can app’s Pro run all GBA games?

Yes, it is highly compatible with a broad range of GBA games, from very low-end phones to modern tablets.

Does app’s Pro support cheat codes?

Yes, it supports a wide range of cheat codes, enhancing gameplay with additional features and functionalities.

Can I save my game progress in app’s Pro?

Yes, app’s Pro offers save state features, allowing you to save and resume your game at any point.

Is app’s Pro a paid app?

Yes, it is a premium app that requires payment for download and use, offering an enhanced gaming experience​​​​.

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“My Boy! Pro” or “My Boy! Gaming Pro APK” is regarded as an advanced Game Boy Advance (GBA) emulator for Android, designed to bring the homesick experience of GBA games to modern smartphones and tablets.

It offers enhanced features over the free version, including full game compatibility, high emulation speed, and the absence of ads, providing a seamless gaming experience. The app supports various controller setups, high-level BIOS emulation, save states, and multiplayer gaming through link cable emulation.

 Its user-friendly interface and customization options make it a favored choice among gamers looking to revisit GBA classics on their mobile devices. It stands out for its balance of performance, features, and usability, making it a premium choice for emulating GBA games on Android.

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